We’ve calculated, that every year, approximately 150,000 children take the 11+ exam. That’s a lot of competition for places at a limited number of schools in England.

At Swot Shop we give children that extra boost they need for a fighting chance with the 11+ exam. We’ve taught more than 3,000 11+ pupils and, every year, a good number of Swot Shop pupils get offered places – some at both their first and second choice schools.

We offer a comprehensive programme for the 11+ exam based on extensive knowledge and experience of the requirements for independent and grammar schools in the Harrow and surrounding areas.

We have an 11+ Foundation Course for year 4 pupils and 11+ Preparation Courses  for year 5 pupils.

Our group tuition setting has proved to be beneficial for all students. The group is a safe, nurturing environment, ideal for pupils to gauge the level of competition, giving them an understanding of the standards expected, thus encouraging them to improve their skills. We mark all the work and display the scores on a notice board, which encourages friendly competition. None of this is possible to achieve with individual tuition.

Providing there are spaces, children can join the 11+ groups at any time and we are able to offer a catch-up service for missed lessons.

A Parental Health Warning

The 11+ process is very competitive with the number of applicants increasing each year. Parents must be aware of the challenging process their child will experience and understand that there is no guarantee of success – for any child.

If, as a parent, you choose to enter your child for any selection tests they will need both academic and social support throughout. A positive approach is effective and helps the child move forward. Give your child every encouragement to achieve lofty targets but remember that they are only children and intense pressure could be damaging in the long term so please keep their 11+ goals in perspective.

At Swot Shop we aim to deliver something that contributes to a child’s development. We do make all children aware of the importance of the 11+ goal and we encourage them to be competitive. However, we also remind them that their aim is to achieve the maximum possible and that may be different for each child. We always encourage as much progress as possible as this often has long lasting benefits – whatever the outcome of the test process.

For further advice we suggest visiting the 11 plus web site: www.the11pluswebsite.co.uk