Write Swot – our innovative and creative writing programme

Write Swot is our monthly writing programme. It features as a part of our general Maths and English classes with brand new content in each issue.

There are three levels according to ability rather than age – ‘Pipsqueaks’ for the very young ones, ‘Early’ for children who have just begun to read confidently and Upper for more advanced children.

As with all our work, the programme is carefully structured to complement the National Curriculum. Write Swots are marked in detail (according to the National Curriculum) to help focus the child on areas in need of improvement. The children are motivated to complete tasks each month using a system of rewards and incentives.

Write Swot Includes:

  • Varied creative writing tasks – letters, press articles, brochures, etc.
  • Interesting images to inspire creativity.
  • Marking linked to government targets.
  • Rewards and prizes on the successful completion of each Write Swot.