Here are some of the question parents frequently ask us. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.

Will my child be top of their class at the end of a 6 week booking session?

Tuition should result in a gradual improvement of a child’s academic level. Children sometimes make noticeable improvements during a 6 week period but the improvement is more likely to be subtle and to manifest itself after a longer period of regular tuition. We aim to establish long term benefits through extra tuition so it enables children to achieve their full potential at school.

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What type of children attend tuition classes?

All kinds of children attend Swot Shop tuition classes. Bright children who need a higher level of academic work. Average children whose parents feel that they need more practice in the ‘basics’. Children who have fallen behind the rest of their class and need to spend time on the foundations of numeracy and literacy.

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Does my child need extra tuition outside school?

All children can benefit from extra tuition. Bright children need work that challenges them and help them to realise their potential. Average children will often find that challenging areas of study are soon overcome with individualised help. Children who have fallen behind will enjoy working in a small group where work is set according to their individual needs and help is always available.

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Do you employ fully qualified teachers?

Our teachers  are fully qualified and registered with the Department For Employment and Education. We also recruit graduates as tutors who receive suitable Swot Shop training and experience. Carefully chosen, these are decent, pleasant and hardworking people so they’re very capable academically and intellectually with excellent organisational and social skills. Our teaching assistants (TAs) are 6th formers or graduates. More than just ‘school kids’, these young people are some of the brightest you’ll meet so it’s great for our Swot Shop pupils to have the added benefit of spending time with some inspirational role models to whom academic success is vitally important.

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What do you teach?

We teach maths, English, reading, verbal and non-verbal reasoning for 5-12 year olds, using a combination of traditional methods and materials as well as specially developed materials unique to Swot Shop.

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Are you experienced enough to provide this service?

Swot Shop has over 20 years experience of providing tuition to primary age children. We are registered with Oftsted and have an excellent reputation – particularly for our 11+ courses. At Swot Shop we provide all the materials your child needs including our own specialised range of materials that are ability-appropriate for the children.

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What makes you better than the other tuition services?

Hard, relevant work: at Swot Shop, children and staff alike work hard. We all concentrate on what’s important (eg National Curriculum related content) and there are no gimmicks or games to trick the children into learning because this simply does not work. The children become more proficient through constant practice of the work we set and our supervision ensures the improvement is constant.

Small groups: in our Small Tuition Groups, the ratio of children to staff is never more than 3:1, so help is always near to hand. Our system is based on small groups of children working with qualified and professional staff. We believe that it is important for young children to feel the safety and comfort of a group with more than one adult present.

Inspirational staff: our people make the difference; they’re well-trained, knowledgeable and committed to helping children improve.

Range of materials and equipment: our classroom is purpose built and fully stocked. All our work materials are based on the National Curriculum.

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