This is the kind of tuition that parents want

We understand what parents of 5-12 year olds want from tuition:

  • Classes that improve their children’s Maths and English significantly
  • A straightforward tuition service that represents great value for money
  • A safe environment in which their children are free to work hard
  • Practical guidance so parents can help their children at home

The right kind of Maths and English tuition

With regular reports that 5 to 7 year olds in England do not reach government targets for literacy, it’s vital that children have a fundamental understanding of Maths and English as early as possible. At Swot Shop we base our tuition on the British National Curriculum so it supports the children’s Maths and English lessons at school. Any other kind of tuition distracts the children and wastes parents’ money.

Our tuition programmes comprise original material combined with carefully chosen resources from reputable publishers. Exactly the right amount of homework is set after every class to ensure the children reinforce what they’ve just learnt in class before we mark it, give feedback and ensure the child can move onto the next stage.

Don’t forget reading

We place a strong emphasis upon reading at Swot Shop and run a free lending library for customers. A child with poor reading skills will struggle in every subject – including Maths where problem solving is concerned. For this reason, we create reading programmes for the younger children (including read-out-loud sessions) and encourage older children to change their books regularly so they move up the reading levels as quickly as possible.

11+ courses designed to pass the test

Our successful 11+ classes reflect the needs of the local grammar and independent schools –that is any combination of Maths, English, Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. These are traditional taught classes offering an important degree of lively competition to give the children every opportunity to win a place at their desired school. We offer two courses – 11+ Preparation a 38 week (approximately) course leading right up to the test for year 5 and 11+ Foundation which is a ‘pre-preparation’ course for bright children in year 4.

The right learning environment

Ours is a safe, familiar and controlled learning environment. In the Maths and English classes, each child receives individual attention within a stimulating group setting. We monitor them constantly, help them improve and they, in turn, are motivated to do even better by their success.The work is challenging with no gimmicks or games to trick the children into learning because there’s no doubt that the secret to success is hard, relevant and consistent work. We use a balanced mix of traditional and modern teaching practices because children don’t all use the same strategy when learning something new. Finally, we’re an Ofsted registered provider.